8 Diagrams

Well, I’ve had my initial, quick-flip-through listen to the new Wu-Tang Clan album, 8 Diagrams. I have to say that, even though I don’t expect 36 Chambers type brilliance, it is still a disappointment in the early going. To focus on the positive for a moment, however, there is one track that I had to play over and over in the car. “Campfire”(coincidentally the first track) has a sick production that even conjured up some late night outdoor excursion(possibly a campfire, but not exclusively) before I even knew the track name. Maybe it has to do with the barbershop quartet-style vocal bassline intertwined with the little, yet effective string sweep. Great track and all three verses by Meth, Ghost & Cappadonna are stellar. It’s just a bit of a bummer, though, that is about the only highlight, for me, so far.
I think that this may be indicative of my high, yet possibly decaying, standards for Hip-Hop and what I wish to hear. This is a many-sided problem(like some self-indulgent, archaic, snobbish 20-sided die…roll me and see how many upturned-nose reasons I can give for not liking 95% of Hip-Hop after, oh, about 1996). It seems that this will be an oft-appearing thread of thought and criticism for me in this space.
As for now, it’s late and I gotta wake up early to work at a) one job that is harshin my mellow like sandpaper jockstraps and then b) the other job, which I like, but will put me home at 3 am.


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