Marion Jones goes down harder than Clemens will…

So, it is somewhat early on a day off for me, which leads to one effect on this here post…over-simplification. In the drug culture of sports, I see some [more] examples of race and gender inequalities our society clutches to like a 5 year old with a blanket that mommy is trying to take away, because the kid should just grow the fuck up, but the kid’s grip is welded shut.
In this age of “pulling back the curtain” on performance-enhancing drug use, the force with which athletes will fall from grace is directly correlated to their race and gender(gods forbid that we would have to include sexuality here, because nobody is stupid enough to come out in that frat-fuck culture until after they retire and can get away to safe ground). So, Marion Jones has received sentence already today(sure she was involved in some check fraud scam, but she is being skewered primarily for admitting steroid use). That didn’t take the “fair & equitable” American justice system long to dispense of a Black woman, who, by the way…CAME CLEAN about her steroid use and showed genuine remorse…didn’t we already cover that fucking ground?!? But, hey, she’s a woman, first of all, which means that we, as a society, feel she should have been smart and responsible enough not to even touch PEDs(Performance Enhancing Drugs) in the first place. And, let’s not forget, she’s Black, so the Amerikkkan justice system must deal with her swiftly and harshly. I’m not saying that she should receive full clemency for her wrong-doing(and I only barely care about the check fraud thing…let’s not kid ourselves, pro and olympic athletes have been doping like rabid badgers for decades now. if you can read, then read Ball Four). However, she is certainly not receiving the treatment that Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds have and will receive.
Oh, so let’s approach Barry Bonds for a moment, and a quick one at that cuz I’m tired of this asshole. A man(child really, but whatever, his driver’s license might indicate the age of a man), so obsessed with being the best and owning the most coveted records in all of baseball, who has obviously taken PEDs. I mean, really, the last time a portion of society was this concerned with head size was the Social Darwinists. Anyways, he will most certainly go down. There has already been significant talk of him never playing again after his indictment, which looks pretty certain to divvy out some jail time to him, as well. And the scrutiny he has endured these past few years dwarfs, beyond a shadow of a doubt, anything that that weaselly cracker Roger Clemens will have to go through. Even though, they are probably equally guilty of using PEDs and lying about it, to whoever…doesn’t matter to me(ethically, if you lie to your kids about it, that’s the same as a Federal Jury on some human level). Nonetheless, Bonds is Black and should pay for his sins to an extent that no white man would even dream of.
I mean, Roger Clemens gets to go on 60 Minutes and chum it up with Mike Wallace…a way to clear his name with some of the moronic masses who watch horribly scripted “news” shows and take it at face value. And, as I am tiring of typing for now, I’ll only barely mention the fucking fluff piece done on Mark McGwire and how Lance Armstrong is just simply, an untouchable god of cycling(even though, Eddy Merckx woulda kicked his ass!).
So, even if I approached all this with the grace of a 2 year old eating applesauce, hopefully you, my non-existent readers, will begin to think a bit more about all this.
ps – am I getting the cynical and sardonic bit down at all??


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