Deep in the Psyche of 2 Hip-Hop Kids

Yo Roy, I’m just glad my ass ain’t quite lookin like Fat Joe’s!!!
What you gotta say bout that?
They don’t call him “Joey Crack” for nuthin’, fool!
Nuff said, I think…just glad that I’m not that fat yet…really, check me, I’m still holdin together a slight muffintop figure, right?
Oh, you hittin’, dawg. I’m feelin’ that.
Are Manatees really going extinct…or is that a far-left environmentalist conspiracy? Well Roy…?
Conspiracy. Straight up.
Okay…now, onto the “fallacy” of the Great Blue Whales numbers diminishing at alarming rates…Roy…
Dude, I don’t know. I’m still cringing from the sight of Joe’s ass.
Time for some PTSD deprogramming now, eh?
Fuck yeah, I’m scarred, dude.
Like a beaten child.


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