Animal Cops

So, I have this odd fixation with watching Animal Cops whenever I get the chance and I’m currently checkin an episode of Animanl Cops: Houston where some dipshit had bears and tigers locked confined in these tiny cages. I think I figured out what spiritual function watching this show serves for me. I constantly need to battle a lack of faith in humanity, due to my depressive tendencies, pessimism and cynicism and, well, the human world around us all(shit whirlwind is usually the preferred nomenclature in my lexicon). Well, the beginning of any episode of this show definitely works to further degrade my hope for humanity. BUT, watching people work their asses off to rehabilitate, care for and find homes for neglected and abused animals really brightens my disposition and day. I even get to shed a little tear as the glimpse of hope for humanity can be so bright and piercing, that I have to weep. It is remarkable to watch an animal illuminate and begin to play when they have been liberated from dire conditions. By the way, the picture is of an Asiatic Bear, which was featured on the show. The Asiatic Bear, “Bruiser,” is 31 years old, the equivalent of a 90 year-old person!


One thought on “Animal Cops”

  1. I used to watch this show back when I had cable, too. It’s pretty great! And of course, if you want to see wild animal rehab in action, my sister blogs about her work at the wildlife rehab clinic on San Juan Island:hollowhappenings.blogspot.comAgain with the faith in humanity restored on a weekly basis!

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