Most Recent Trip to the Record Store

Took a little jaunt down to Portland for the day with my Moms. Had some Greek eats at Greek Cusina (Kalamari!!!) and the hit up a couple of Portland’s finest record slangin spots. First, I dropped in on 2nd Ave Records, which I didn’t even know existed until today, and found some nice little jewels: Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band In The Jungle, Baby, Allan Toussaint The Wild Sound of New Orleans, Old Man Gloom Christmas, Cool Calm Pete Lost, and a coupla funky sound effects LPs. Then, on to Jackpot Records, which, by the way, had a very cute and knowledgeable redheaded woman in their employ (getchyer flirt on!!), and slected some more fine wax: Godflesh Love & Hate In Dub and Jakob Solace. The latter was also purchased on cd, so as to put it on the GabePod.
I love Portland…hmmmm, maybe I should move there.


2 thoughts on “Most Recent Trip to the Record Store”

  1. I don’t know about Portland. I heard some shady shit was goin on down there involving some high falootin brewery and a couple of speed freaks.Actually, it’s pretty nice in the summer but the kids are hella uptight around there.

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