You know you’re in Kansas when…

…Poltics, business and religion are caught up in a three-way orgy in the form of a company-approved sticker on the back of a commercial semi. So, I listened to some music with “subversive” politics to offset the truck and the numerous roadside signs proclaiming the right to life. If I don’t make it back home to Seattle, look for me in the dark basement of a conservative church in rural Kansas. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. A couple counties back, a billboard claimed the area’s fame as being the home of Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Dole. YIKES! How can such spooky conservatives come from a place that looks so beautiful and serene?
Drove through some of the hardest, driving rain I’ve ever seen, underneath some of the biggest motha fuckin clouds I done ever seen. Makes for a little bit of white knuckle driving, but all was okay after a few. Tomorrow, Lawrence and to hang with my boy Jake-O!!
Music of the day: Outer Perimeter by Presage and the Soundtrack to The Asassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.
Player of the day: Scott Kazmir of the Tampa Bay Rays, who pitched well enough to put the Yankees in the AL East basement.


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