Kill the Bat Man!

And kill it did. This movie was simply fuckin awesome and amazing. It has actually shattered my perception that American films, particularly action/comic book genre types, are void of the kind of emotional and psychological depth that seems to come with ease in foreign and independent films. I had heard that the film deals in very adult and mature themes (not those kind! quit thinking with yer dicks for five seconds), but didn’t really believe it until 2 and a half hours of mind-blowing cinema last night. I think I can say, with a tempered enthusiasm and somewhat objective clarity, that Heath Ledger really does turn in an Oscar-worthy performance. Seriously, can we just call it now for Best Supporting Actor? And not just because he died so early and unfortunately, but because this is truly an amazing acting performance. It has long been that I can watch dudes play psycho roles without actually feeling creeped out by them, but Ledger is downright scary. When I used to read Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller over and over, I always imagined that Batman movies should be that dark. Well, the last two have not disappointed, with The Dark Knight actually exceeding expectations/desires. I’ll leave it at this much for now, as I know not everyone has seen the movie, but hopefully there can be some discussion soon, because this film merits discussion.


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