Manny Says, "Kiss My Ass!"

Just a little reminder how awesome my main man Manny Ramirez is. In July, before the Dodgers acquired him from the Sox, their team batting average was .250. That’s good enough to rank 13th in the National League (yikes). Since the dreadlocked-one has appeared in Dodger Blue, a team batting average of .314, which is second in the NL for the month of August (granted, that’s a short while, but you get my point…don’t you? you’d better). Plus, they’re on-base percentage is a robust .358 this month (3rd in the NL) as opposed to .320 (or 13th in the NL). Do we see a trend here? I sure as hell do. Oh, they’ve increased their slugging percentage from .385 to .464 as well. He is a BAD MAN!
This note brought to you by the Foundation for Piss Off to All Those Who Bashed Manny on His Way Out of Town!!!
Oh, and let’s not forget. Manny’s hitting .600/.667/1.063/1.730 with 3 HRs and 8 RBIs in 6 games with the Dodgers. Hot Damn! That’s awesome! Go ahead John Baker, whaddya gotta say to that shit?!?


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