I’m havin an Ol Skewl Hip-Hop Day

Sittin here at the Pub “working” and listening to some early ’90’s Hip-Hop. God it makes me feel good, like I’m just getting out of high school and still get a kick out of smokin blunts in a tree overhanging the lake in the park. Even if it is political Hip-Hop, which a lot of it was back then, I get a carefree feeling anyways, because it harks back to a time when I didn’t worry about as much bullshit in the day-to-day. Threw on Smif N Wessun’s (pictured) Da Shinin’ to get started and just eased right into that mellow stunts, blunts & hip-hop feel. That makes me think of Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics. If anybody out there in the inter-ether has that first record of theirs, please make a copy for me. I miss that record; last time I listened to it was on cassette. Geez, that musta been like 8 fuckin years ago! Then I threw on Souls of Mishcief ’93 Till Infinity to please some heads down here in the bar. Reminded me of the time the Heiro crew did an in-store at Cellophane Square back in the day. I was sittin out getting some coffee before work that day and they all pulled up in their tour van; I instantly recognized them. Del told me to get my ass in the van, which had no windows on the side (think cargo-style Econoline van), and we proceeded to smoke a big-ass blunt. Then I went to work like a drooling mental patient, smiling my head off all day. Maybe I should throw on the Pharcyde’s BizarreRideIIThePharcyde next………..


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