Old Skewl Hip Hop Sunday…Again. Thanks to Peter!

Mad Props to Peter G for hookin me up wit’ a digital copy of Diamon D & the Psychotic Neurotics’ LP Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop!! This certainly brings back memories, but of what I don’t know, cuz I was so fuckin high at the time!!! Seriously though, this is one of those hidden jewels from the earl-mid ’90s that many a hip hop listener doesn’t even know very well. In fact, you’d have to be Diggin’ In The Crates (the name of the production crew consistin of Diamond D, AG, Dres of the Black Sheep and some others) to find this record; I put out a call here in an earlier post that I needed a copy of this album and my man Peter came through. I thought I had it on vinyl, but no, I’m not that special. Man I miss those days from ’89 to ’95. I love finding the ol’ style crew photos, so many of which were tastefully done in black and white, and reminiscing about my days spent ballin’ in family housing and rollin’ all pseudo-thug stylee with Starter jackets on and drinkin’ 40’s we jacked from the Albertson’s in the neighborhood. That Albertson’s was closed, demolished and replaced by a yuppie boutiqe Metropolitan Market, which doesn’t even sell 40’s and probably would eject anyone in a Starter jacket on sight. Sounds like the demise of hip hop. Sniff sniff.


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