The Real DJ Vadim: When Found, Please Return to Earth.

Anybody remember when DJ Vadim could get your granny dancin’ her bloomers off while simultaneously maintaining artistic credibility? Yeah? Well, that mother fucker is dead and every time I listen to Life From The Other Side or The Isolationist, I get all bummed out, because dude has lost his fuckin musical way. So, anybody out there who runs into him on the street, I want you to beat his ass, kidnap him and bring him to me, where I will convince him to quit pursuing this whack-ass shit that panders to pussy dance floors and R&B airwaves and return to his bad-ass dance floor rockin’, real-ass Hip-Hop that he once knew. It’s like some kinda kung fu movie where the main character has fucked up his style by taking on too many new popular styles and needs an old master (me, in this case) to right his ship and refine and simplify his style. Nuff said, bitches!!!


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