Spreading Happiness and Warm Fuzzies

So, the other day I received an email from one of my fellow writers at the Silent Ballet (site where I contribute record reviews, for those that slept) in regards to my review of Grouper (originally posted here before Silent Ballet). I would like to quote him in the entirety of the email, because it made my fuckin week:
“Gabriel, my anonymous neighbor, I must commend you on your review of
Grouper’s latest (I was wondering when someone was actually going to
do that. It’s been sittin’ on the server for months it seems).

I just think your review reads more as a warm personal account
peppered with analytical and relevant information. I think it’s the
kind of FEEL that i like in music reviews – a feel we don’t usually
see out of this line of work. It felt good to read. And, having
bought the album when it came out, it was brilliant to read the last
line about how it was perhaps better for a lover rather than your

Nice stuff. Here ye, here ye.”


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