I remember when I worked at the Laughing Elephant warehouse and Nick the Bear kept trying to get me into to Tarentel, a San Francisco psychedelic rock outfit. It wasn’t even that I was resistant to it back then, I think the Tarentel receptors in my brain and energetics network just hadn’t been built or finished yet. The last couple of months, the finishing touches have gone off without a hitch, as my “new” love for psych rock (maybe just a rekindling passed over from ’60s shit to the now, yo!) has been fueled by the last couple years’ listenings of Grails, The Alps and the likes. Sometimes, at least in my philosophy, it’s not that you dislike a type of music, but that a key is turned and a circuit is completed and you and the style of sound ‘get’ each other. You find the kind of stuff that gives you boners and then you find more. Well Nick, I’m sorry it took me so long. If it’s any consolation, this band fucking rocks in a totally non-traditional rocking way. Right the fuck on!


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