So, I’m watching Italy versus Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic and in the bottom of the 5th inning, the ESPN guys are interviewing Mike Piazza, Team Italia’s hitting coach. They’re joking around with Piazza about getting in the game, as his team had fallen behind 4-0 in the previous couple of innings, and as this is happening Bobby Abreu destroys an Italian pitch all the way to the bleachers in right field. The tone in Piazza’s voice turns darker for a moment and is cut off while the play-by-play takes precedence. Then, mere pitches and seconds later, Miguel Cabrera turns another pitch to left-center for back-to-back homers and then Magglio Ordonez smashes a stand-up double and Piazza’s voice turns to irritation masked by the knowledge that he’s on the air. The camera, a few moments later, is turned on Piazza as they conclude the conversation and he looks like he’s about to munch those expensive headphones like a meatball sub and then go lay waste to the dugout. I can’t think of a worse time for a coach to be on. Even more insane is that, as I write this post, Jose Lopez and Ramon Hernandez have also gone back-to-back jackers……….in the same inning, bottom of the 5th. Shiiiiiiiiit!


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