Foot in Mouth Disease

I don’t normally write much about politics, because I am an emotionally-charged layperson in many aspects of political discussion. However, I was reading this article about Obama pledging to work towards Nuclear Disarmament and felt slightly irked about one thing. A world without Nukes is a great idea and a fantastic reality, if achieved, but I also think that safety in the world, for the world’s entire populaces (human and beyond) could be even more fully achieved through a deeper disarmament than just Nuclear. Is it not blisteringly clear to most sentient beings that a world without Nukes is still a wholly brutal, vicious and unsafe world??? You know how much more fucking damage we can inflict upon each other and the future with so-called conventional weapons? Just something to think over…and then scream HIPPIE!!! in my face.

Even though I’m not one. A Hippie, that is. I might actually be a Conservative Buddhist/Shintoist. Who knows.


One thought on “Foot in Mouth Disease”

  1. More hippies than ever are blogging.By the way, I will be in Seattle tonight. Probably camping this weekend, but I’ll be in town until Tuesday morning. Any shows of interest, or ….things happening ….. let me know. You can write me on TSB or my email.

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