Sox vs Yanks

Tonight’s game is on ESPN, as they need to feed the ratings monster with “The Greatest Rivalry in American Sports”. Wake is iffy at best so far, but anytime you can watch Derek Jeter take a completely ugly hack at a 65 mph knuckler is a good time. Unfortunately, I’m forced to listen to Rick Sutcliffe attempt the English language we use outside of whitey’s Georgia plantations. It’s seriously like taking a power drill and voluntarily thrusting it in your ear and then standing next to an overdriven, blown out guitar amplifier feedback for 3 hours.
As bad as Chien-Ming Wang is pitching (58 pitches to close out just 2 innings) tonight, we should be up by a dozen or so.

Oh, and by the way, when I say “Kotsay,” you say “Fuck Yeah!!”


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