More notes on Culture Homogeny

Was just watching some of Dodgers versus Angels on ESPN and apparently there was a fan on the field. I don’t think it was a streaker, but HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW, BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO AIR ANY FOOTAGE OF PEOPLE RUNNING ON FIELD?!?!? How fucking dumb is that? So, we can just pretend that the world and life is clean and wholesome and blemish-free by simply not acknowledging anything other than the family-friendly, wholesome, whitebread bullshit??? Fuck that.


One thought on “More notes on Culture Homogeny”

  1. I totally agree with you. It pisses me off when they don’t show it, and the announcers get all high and mighty about how that behavior has no place in the game, and it’s just a waste of everyone’s time, etc. When really people love it, and if you’ve lucky enough to see it live, it’s the best thing about the game. My girl Leslie’s two favorite Mariner moments are Richie Sexton rushing the pitcher’s mound to try and kick some ass, and watching this guy evade capture by 4-5 cops for like a minute and a half. Both were truely awesome.

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