Sunday Night Breaking Bad Mix

Right after the newest, most awesomest episode of Breaking Bad I turned to my banks of sound and did a little 55 minute (or so) mix of what I have come to affectionately call ‘Doombient’. Other folks call it ‘Hauntology’, which I like, but I also like to make my own words up. Here’s the mix in order:
– “Raagini Robot” by Ken Camden
– “Truth & Distance” by Concern
– “Hathor’s Dance” by Higuma
– “Persistent Repetition of Phrases” by The Caretaker
– “Gathering Strengths/Silence Within” by Pussygutt
– “Arc of Wisdom” by Elm
– Side B of Francisco Lopez’s Untitled #228
– “The Twelve” by Nest

As with almost everything I do, it’s a work in progress, as I’d like to continue adding to the mix. But, I’ll probably get distracted and do another mix before getting around to adding to this one. Gotta laugh at yourself, right?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Breaking Bad Mix”

  1. great that you incorporated Lopez's B side in your mix :)stay tuned for the soon to come Dave Phillips & Cornelia Hesse-Honegger "Mutations", you might like it a lot !

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