7’s Mix

Apparently, I’m taking a stiff departure from having any real sense of form here, but it was fun.

-“Noon Hill Wood” ~ Richard Skelton
-“Cielo” ~ Murcof
-“Flyktig” ~ Pjusk
-“White Lake” ~ Deaf Center
-“I’m Building A Bodacious Bodega for the Race War” ~ Mike Ladd
-“Murderah Style” ~ DJ Spooky
-“Songs in the Key of Tryfe” ~ MF Doom & I-Self Divine
-“Linoleum” ~ Company Flow
-“Foiled” ~ Yellow Swans
-“A Night Without Harm” ~ Svarte Greiner
-“Hathor’s Dance” ~ Higuma

Guess I tried to make a little egg center of beats, protected, cupped even, between ambient and electronic shells.


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