R.andom A.lbum G.enerator #400

With a roll of the digital dice, we spin a 12″ so nice. Today’s selection turns out to be Mr. Len’s “What the Fuck?!” single from his Dummysmacks album. The A-side is one of my favorite silly posse cuts I’ve ever heard. The ‘Gritty Mix’ is one I will forever put on mixtapes, even for potential ladies. It has a vampy piano sample mixed with some classic Len/Co-Flow styled sci-fi sonics, coupled with some delicious microphone stylings by Mr. Live (an MC who has forever traveled under the radar and underwhelmed). Of course, the real highlight is the old 50’s or 60’s linguistics lesson on the word fuck. It has supplied me with a cherished missile in my shit-talkin’ munitions…”Why don’t you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?!” This gem is backed by “Straight” featuring Q-Unique, of Arsonists fame. I swear, every one of those Arsonists cats had some serious tongue-linguini rhyme-kickin’ skills. Listening to Q-Unique and D-Stroy, particularly, spit a verse is the audio equivalent to watching a top-notch breakdancer smoothly fly through all sorts of spine-bending moves.

Of course, Lenny has mad skills and a great sense of humor, but this still is a shade below the dominant quality of Company Flow’s Funcrusher Plus. I guess I can’t continue to hold everything to the standard of a masterpiece…or can I?


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