Broadcast & the Focus Group: Familiar Shapes & Noises

As much music as I listen to, I won’t pretend to say I’ve been all over the Ghost Box label from the beginning. I’d heard of them, but not jumped on board. Thanks to Broadcast, a group I absolutely love in every aspect, I’m now down. Let’s focus on this 7″ release, though, shall we?

The A-side, “Inside Out”, is a classic Broadcast tune that recalls the deep drum sounds of Noise Made By People and the neverending ’60s style bass that connects them with The Silver Apples in my mind. Some nice steps in a new direction are the electronic klavier and Trish Keenan’s vocals continued fall down the rabbit hole of super-trippy effects and more utterances than lyrics. On the B-side, they start out with “The Song Before” that packs so much noir into a fuzzy little 2 minute and 40 second pillow for Grails to rest their heads on. Matter of fact, if I were trying to lay down an eclectic mix spanning Psychedelia to Hip-Hop to Electronica, I would certainly pair this little tune with a Grails tune, probably from Burning Off Impurities.

What I really enjoy about Broadcast [& the Focus Group] is their ability to be weird and ‘out there’, but also retain some more Pop appeal. It is a rare skill to be experimental and palatable to various groups of ears. Well done!

Score: 7/10


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