A Sad Day Pt. II

Too Bad He's On the Decline

As the Giants were wrapping up the NL West, thanks to Buster Posey’s 8th inning smash to left center, I read a stat on the MLB Network ticker that noted Albert Pujols had finished the season with a .312 average. Are you ready for this? That is a career-low (gasp!) for Phat Albert. Isn’t it sad to see a once magnificent, great player in such decline? St. Louis management may want to look into offers for their former superstar before they can’t get anything of value back.

Wait, what?!!?? A .312 average is a career low? Jesus, this guy is so fucking awesome. He’s only the only player in the history of Major League Baseball to record a .300-plus average, 30-plus homers, 100-plus RBIs, 30-plus doubles and 99 or more runs in all of his first ten seasons. Shiiiiiit!

Maybe with this downturn in production I can finally get ahold of him in one of my fantasy drafts next year.


One thought on “A Sad Day Pt. II”

  1. And another thing! It’s nice to see so many divisions decided in some manner or another on the last day. A little excitement is nice, specially since many of the playoff series will probably end with a sweep or some kind of anti-climatic finish.

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