A Sad Day Pt. I

Unfortunately, in about an hour, Major League Baseball’s regular season will be over. Sure, there’s about two months of playoff ball to watch starting on Wednesday, but I always dread this weekend. Not because it signals the end of summer. Here in Seattle, summer ended about 3 weeks ago. It’s simply just the resignation that before I know it, my world will be dominated by the overwhelming throngs of drunk, moronic football fans who have come out of their Pleistocene hovels to scream inanities into the night. I hate football. But, instead of dwelling on that, a few quick notes about this glorious, yet somber last Sunday of the regular season.

– My beloved Red Sox, who have fought heroically for other teams’ spoils of victory to be, well, spoiled, dispatched the hated Yankees and prevented them from winning the AL East. Good job boys and farewell Mike “Peppah” Lowell. You are loved, but it is understood that it’s time for you to move on.

– All the playoff spots are set……..except this mess in the NL West (Go Giants!!) and NL Wild Card. With that in mind, can somebody please beat the shit out of the Yankees in the first round?!?!?!!? Minnesota Twins, I’m looking in your direction. I know Mourneau won’t be playing in the ALDS, but I believe you can do it.

– So, it might be boring, but I’d like to see a rematch of the 2008 World Series (minus the typhoons) with the Phillies and Rays. I really like the Rays’ youth, speed, and overall talent, but I’m gonna have to pull for another ring for the Fightin’ Phils. Roy Halladay deserves to adorn his finger with a World Series ring…and possibly put the Series’ MVP trophy next to a Cy Young on his mantle. Though, with that said, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the Giants get there, but I don’t think they can top the Phillies.

– Despite the fact that I have much disdain for the Atlanta Braves, I do wanna see them get in via Wild Card and watch Jason Heyward smash like 12 home runs and hit .572 for the playoffs. He’s that special of a player. Then again, I do have a man-crush on Buster Posey, too.

Well, here’s to a fun playoff season!!


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