In Rotation

Some new albums I picked up the other day.

Marcus Fjellstrom’s Schattenspieler is a fabulously twisted train ride along the river Styx soundtracked with beyond-The Shining-crazy Hauntology. Static and strings that warble in their decay swirl between skittish dub insect sounds and 70s’ sci-fi synthesizers. This album is addictively scary.

Expressway Yo-yo Dieting Bubblethug. If I took late-80s early-90s Los Angeles Hip-Hop and put it through the sonic version of a meat grinder, then you’d have Bubblethug, a freaked-out collection of beatscapes that have vocals that are all but erased. In fact, they’re so chopped up, pinging back and forth in the stereo spectrum and unintelligible that we could have the first Hauntolo-Hop record. I’m just sayin’…it’s like a sensitive gangster’s nightmarish version of life in South Central LA. turned into a sonic poem.

Then there’s the new EP from Flying Lotus, Pattern + Grid World. Good stuff. On the level from FlyLo, but so far it has yet to really grab me. It’s there, I’ll listen to it. Lastly, I got one of the 12″s in the Ninja Tune Twentieth Anniversary series. The true highlight of this little batch of Ninja cuts is the Gaslamp Killer remix of DJ Vadim’s “Terrorist”.

Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see the Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer later this month!!


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