Congrats to the Texas Rangers!

You’ve just dispatched the hated New York Yankees and their GQ model line-up to make it to the World Series. I couldn’t be happier for you. Now, if only the San Francisco Giants can get past the Phillies…

Before that, a few random questions and thoughts.

Could Ron Darling be more annoying as an announcer than Joe Morgan or Tim McCarver? While we’re on the topic of announcers, when can nationally televised games be called by skilled, likable and knowledgeable announcers?

I think I found a new kindred spirit in Ron Washington. I love his enthusiasm and honesty (cocaine anybody?). I love Josh Hamilton as a player, but can he shut the fuck up with the God and sonny Jesus shit at this point? Sure, Jebus helped you kick crack, heroin and alcohol, but enough already. It’s fuckin’ ridiculous.

Will Mariano Rivera just fade into the Panama sunset and dedicate himself to correcting cleft palates in his homeland?

Will Derek Jeter break his dick off in Alex Rodriguez’s mouth this offseason while they console each other after ‘letting another one slip away’?

Assuming the Rangers face the Giants (the reality I’ll most accept, therefor the most valid), does Cliff Lee think he can start 4 games for Texas to carry them to a championship? It sure looks like his arm has another 17,382 pitches left in it this post-season.

And finally, Nick Swisher can you now shut up?!? Next time let your bat do the talkin’. Punk!


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