The Clearing

A poem composed to be an ancillary piece to the song of the same name by Deaf Center

The Clearing

the Clearing

{Deaf Center}


the wind rips through

the wings of the flies

like the blades of nuclear winter

knocking them against the

cold, indifferent stones

of the beachhead

causing a pestilent tinnitus

but they keep circling back

the stench of rot and iron

keen on their tiny minds;

carrion eaters arrive in phases

by size, yet

they all are compelled by

olfactory memory

soon the crows trumpet their accession

and a band of wolves

takes up a funeral dirge:

a coronach absent of tears

only the loneliest sounds


a buffet for the wretched


a clearing on

the eternal merry-go-round

crows’ feet they waltz

even as that wicked wind

strives to drive them off

and so they, too,

begin to sing.


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