Non Phixion

The Past, Present and the Future is Now…

This is, by far, the greatest Hip Hop album you’ve never heard. Sure, they actually released another album called The Future is Now, but that shit is whack compared to this never-released demo tape. I remember working in the product division at Cellophane Square with Guerren. One day we were opening an order from Matador Records and this little toxic green tape was right at the top. “This isn’t on the order manifest,” we both remarked. “Promo shit, then…” We popped the taped in and watched in awe as each other’s head exploded backwards, sticking to the back wall like some cranial Jackson Pollock. Every beat was dope. The MC’ing was top notch. “Oh damn, kid! When the hell are they gonna release this?!?” There was no release date on the promo cassette’s ‘liner notes’. And there never would be one. This album got shelved, only to be seen, like some musical Bigfoot, in rare, low-quantity pressing singles of some of the tracks. I feel fortunate, 3000 some odd miles out of New York City, to have scored a few of these singles. They have maintained my sanity in an otherwise mad world bereft of a proper release of this insanely awesome album. After that fateful day, Guerren took the tape home and made me a copy. I have since lost that tape and any digital vestiges of the album in its entirety. Even the internet seems to be nearly useless as a tool to find this fuckin gem again.

I can only hope you’ll get a chance some day to hear tunes like “2004” and “Black Helicopters”.


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