A Lazy Transition from Fall to Winter

Well, I’ve been a bit busy with other projects for record reviews; a shameful existence for sure. I continue to maintain my demented, maniacal pace of musical consumption, I just sometimes lapse into a non-verbal narrative state in reaction to some music. The irony here is that I am painting, which is inspired by Kangding Ray’s Pruitt Igoe, which I have also written about. Very recently. The painting is still in the works, currently driving me a bit mad, because I occasionally feel it to be done, but have lingering doubts. The good thing is that I think I have a small series of paintings tom produce in ode to such a slammin’ EP. Who knows, maybe I’ll do one for every track on the record. I once had an idea to write a book with one chapter for every song on Funkadelic’s America Eats Its Young, but I seem to have lost the impetus for that. Anyhow, in lieu of going on about a new record, I would like to drop a few collected, yet random, sports thoughts for the week. After that, have a Happy Cranksgiving!

Little, feisty fast guards like Kemba Walker (UConn), Isaiah Thomas and Venoy Overton (UW), to name a few, have sparked a renewed, reinvigorated interest in college basketball. I still have sworn off the pros, mostly because, like a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, my heart may forever be splintered by the high larceny of my beloved Seattle Supersonics. A team I grew up with in many ways; some of my earliest memories forged in sweat and sinew and a championship trophy in 1979. The year I was 4. Aside from nostalgic angina, I think I can whip up enough enthusiasm for college hoops to keep me entertained until Spring Training…at least.

Victor Martinez jumped ship to further logjam the first position in Detroit (Miguel Cabrera anybody?) or blow out his soon-to-be 32 year-old knees or become a pricey DH. I think the Red Sox can handle this loss. Hopefully they can retain the excellent, if not testicle terrifying, services of Adrian Beltre. Now, who the fuck is gonna play catcher?

I was extremely pleased to see Felix Hernandez win the AL Cy Young. Aside from statistical babble bout why he is the superior pitcher, or my many first-hand experiences witnessing his brilliance, I’d just like to say that it seemed, for a moment, like there was some sanity and reason in an ever-chaotic world. Thanks to the BBWAA for that little moment sitting with Buddha.

Congrats to Josh Hamilton for winning the AL MVP. From destitute drug addict to king of the baseball world in a few short years. Not a bad ascension. Now if only he could turn his success into some message…oh right! I forgot in under 12 hours, he always has a message: All Thanks is due to God and Jesus Christ. Y’know, Amerikkka, you may not realize this, but that is almost a literal translation (minus the need for more than one name for God) of the initial greeting in Islam. You know, that religion full of awful fanatics you hate and are trying to subjugate so completely that their Lord would have no competitive edge against you? Yeah. Those people who are just trying to get along in life, for the most part, just like most of us; seeking some ever-fleeting moments of joy and peace and calm in this stoopid world.

Alright. Enough ranting for now!!


PS- It’s nice to see the negotiations between the Yankees and Derek Jeter getting so testy these last coupla days. Any failure or suffering for the Yankees and their fans is a great bright star in my night sky.




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