In Theo We Trust

The above sight is a thing of the past, as the multi-talented speedster known as Carl Crawford is now a member of the Boston Red Sox. My favorite team, getting exponentially better in a matter of a few days at the Baseball Winter Meetings (don’t forget the trade for Adrian Gonzalez!). So, should I get myself a Carl Crawford jersey or a Gonzo jersey before pitchers and catchers report in February?!? Also, the Hot Stove Season is a whimsical time for baseball fans, full of fantasy and future hopes; and you know I mean it, because I am not a ‘whimsical’ person. My fantasy is to see Crawford and Ellsbury running wild on the basepaths, giving opposing pitchers fits and brain hemorrhages by stealing so many god damn bags. Could this be the best Red Sox team since 2004? Maybe, in reality, a better team, since the ’04 squad had some astrological luck and possibly some help from the heavens to do what they did.

So, this is the first post in, hopefully, a number to attempt to make up for some weak maintenance on this blog.


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