Superior Sounds of 2010

Prepare for the barrage!!

Now that the Hot Stove season is cooling down and my countdown-to-Spring-Training anxiety has been quelled by Theo Epstein’s masterful hand at the helm of my Red Sox, I can get down to some music business. Since I no longer write for, this is my only outlet for music writing (for the moment). And if any of you out there have read my blogs for longer than a week, you’ll recall that I’m quite fond of, not only writing about music, but promulgating to the masses my selections for the year’s best according to my superior music taste. Yet, with my departure from TSB, I am now faced with the duty of presenting an even larger buffet of tunes to venerate, critique and rank.

First of all, this will appear in the form of a series of articles culled from loosely bound genre definitions. This is a way for me to pay attention to each release, but also narrow down the cream of the crop with ultimate efficacy. There will be an article for Soul and Funk, HipHop, Beats (pretty broad), Electronic (includes ‘Electronica’ and I hate the term Techno), Rock/Guitars and a frighteningly blistering agglomeration of Experimental/Neo-Classical/Doombient/Hauntology. In my best intentions, I’ll have these articles pumped out with enough time to do a finalized ‘Best of 2010′ before New Year’s Eve (I have to work that night, so there’s no fuckin’ way I’m writing then!).

You should also note that there will be a couple of releases included that weren’t originally released in 2010; some, in fact, much much earlier. This is due to my re-issue loophole clause. Basically, if I get turned on to something because it’s being re-issued for the first time since its unheralded original release, then I’ll include it. Music is fluid and so is our discovery of and interaction with it. So why should we be so stingy about inclusion in an article such as these? Sure, you’d be making history’s most valid argument if I tried to include something from 2009. This isn’t arbitrary, but it also isn’t so rigid. Besides, I make the fuckin’ rules, so deal with it!

I swear that I’ll do my best to make at least a few comments on each album, but don’t hold it against me if I don’t have the digital fortitude to type a small book in only a couple of weeks as I easily have over 75 records to include in 2010’s canon of musical mastery. We’ll start small, with a genre I have a minimal number of albums to include, so as to warm up my 5-finger typing kung fu chops and your ability to keep up with the reading and listening assignments.

And away we go!

Bring out yer wax!

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