Hello 2011…

To all my nameless, faceless, hopefully existent readers, I do apologize for the protracted silence on my end. First of all, the year started off pretty brutally, with 3 friends passing in a matter of weeks. Then, as I began to awake from that nightmare, my computer decided to commit digital sepuku and fry the logic board. Now that that problem has been addressed, I can get back to annoying the shit out of you with my egomaniacal rants on music taste and whatnot. So, this is one of those ‘quick thoughts’ posts to cover a couple of bases.

The most intriguing new album of the infant calendar year, which might actually be considered a 2010 release, is 7fingers by the duo of Nils Frahm and Anne Muller. Info on the album sleeve is minimal at best, but I’m certain that Frahm is responsible for the production, which is spot on. Some beautiful cello and piano accompanied by micro-electronic production touches. There’s a smattering of Thom Yorke’s The Eraser in here; the music doesn’t sound the same, but the way it’s put together. “Let Me Be Key C (Thriller Edit)” is the standout composition on the album, with some somber, introspective cello layered over itself and a lovely quiet echo of a 4/4 beat that builds out of the dust by the end of the track. Now, on to baseball.

Manny and the Caveman are set to be reunited in Tampa Bay. How hilarious is that? Young, on-the-rise talent comes to Boston from Tampa Bay (already got my Carl Crawford jersey!!!) and the aged, twilight of their careers ex-Red Sox are teaming up for a run at fourth place in the AL East with Tampa Bay.

In working some trades at a local record store, I am one or two Talking Heads records away from going catalog. Tried to find the remaining Broadcast albums on vinyl, but they’re scarce. R.I.P. to Trish Keenan, who died from complications of pneumonia from H1N1. Sad.

My first book of poetry should be published before the end of February. It’ll be sweet to have that in my hands as I get ready to spend half of March in front of the TV…

…because March Madness is just around the corner (as is Spring Training!!!). I’ve really gotten into college hoops this year. The Washington Huskies are blazingly fun to watch, the Connecticut Huskies have one of the most awe-inspiring guards in Kemba Walker and the Kentucky Wildcats have the best freshman in the country not named Jared Sullinger, his name is Terrence Jones. Too bad he reversed on the Washington Huskies to go with Kentucky, because he would have made the Huskies nearly unbeatable. Still a fun player to watch; just last Saturday he was dunking all over guys bigger than him in a game against South Carolina.

Well, that should do it for now. See y’all real soon now, ya hear?!


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