The Basketball Report


Watched Arizona walk right in UCLA’s front door, punch them in the nuts, go to the fridge and pull out the snacks and plant themselves on the couch in front of a huge plasma TV tonight. Sure, the metaphor has a hole in it; the game was at Arizona. Forget all that, though, because Arizona’s entire squad treated UCLA’s defense like a prom date afterthought, specially in the lane. Just ridiculous. Made me realize that the Wildcats could be a prominent foe for the hometown Huskies (Washington, not Connecticut!), even if the Huskies dispatched Arizona last Thursday. The real delight? Getting to see Derrick Williams posterizing an entire opposing squad other than the Huskies.

Homedude is electric. I heard an announcer say that Georgia’s Travis Leslie is ‘the best dunker in the nation. Surely he can throw it down with the best of them, but I’m not sure he’s hands down better than Williams. Williams caught an alley-oop early in the first half that was out of reach to most mortals and out of reach to those possessing the gift of godly hops. But there was Williams, not only catching the pass as he reached backwards out of his peripheral vision, but reeling it back in and throwin’ it down with force equal to a blow from Thor’s hammer. Very impressive! Let’s just say that LaPonso Ellis (one of my all-time favorite names) even had to howl at that dunk he was so impressed. Dude can get up to get down!

If this kid makes it to the NBA, I hope to see him dunk all over some asshole rapist like Kobe Bryant with enough force and so shame-inducing that it’s a career-ender. Right then, right there…just walk off the court and vanish. Oh wait, I don’t watch the NBA anymore, cuz it sucks balls.

Here’s lookin forward to a good Saturday filled with some No. 1 Ohio State, Kentucky and Pittsburgh action, amongst others. By the way, this isn’t tonight’s dunk, but some video evidence of Williams’ abilities.


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