So folks, here’s the second poem inspired by/written to part of Deaf Center’s new album Owl Splinters. It’s quite possible that I’ll write a proper review of this record after awhile, but it appears that my first order of business is to ‘poemtrack’ this album with my own words. This is the second of, potentially eight total pieces, seeing as though there are 8 songs on the album. Enjoy!


divided: a de-cultured totem

{Deaf Center}



I stand facing the wind

determined as a bowsprit

to cut through it


and the wind, building in layers,

that come like crisp spirits

excited for the haunting…

…the wind shoves at me

like an obstinate lover

looking to move me, for a fight

for a reason to leave


but I won’t hear the weeping

that infects the evergreen mountainside

until years later

when all I have left to romanticize

are birds of prey eating out of my hand

and orcas skimming underneath

my scared little self


but soon enough,

the wind disappears even

those faint smiles

and leaves nothing

but a weathered wood-carving

of childhood


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