Catching Up with the Rev.!

Take that T.S. Eliot!

Alright folks and followers, poetics proclaimers and foaming-at-the-mouth fanatics, the moment has finally arrived! NO, it’s not time to put on our sneakers and drink Kool-Aid just yet. And no, the ATF and FBI won’t be invading my humble little abode anytime soon.

However, I, the Honorable Rev. Gabelicious (known to some as Gabriel D. Bogart), have finally released my first published work. Will They Reminisce Over You? is a collection of my poetry from the last, oh, 10 to 15 years. I’ve been writing poetry since I was about 17 or 18, whenever my 12th grade English teacher brilliantly turned me into a writer from a math and science dork. I guess that also coincides with when I started smoking pot (Lord knows booze ain’t never helped me write one coherent poem of any worth!).

Now, I know something that you do not yet know. This first published work is the initial, rocket-quick step to world domination for the Rev. Whence I arrive at the front door of Totalitarian of Earth, it would be wise (and instinctual to survival) to avoid being on my shit list. One surefire way to stay off that list will be to purchase a copy of Will They Reminisce Over You?, because without this key step towards survival, no one will remember you. Unfortunately there are some stipulations and exceptions to the rule. Yankees fans need not apply (unless you are a pre-approved friend of mine who just happens to carry the genetic predisposition to that mental disability). Republicans can pretty much go fuck themselves, which goes doubly for Tea Baggers…you racist pricks, someday my man Barack Obama is gonna kick the holy livin’ shit outta you. Hmmm…seem to be drawing a blank on who else, so for now, that will have to do. I’ll post in the comments section if I come up with any more.

So, on to the business side of things. I don’t currently have an online ordering system, nor have I asked Amazon to carry my book. We’re still in the early stages here at World Domination HQ. My rule is this: If you live in Seattle and wanna purchase a copy, well then you can find me in person you lazy turd-burglars. If you live outside of Seattle, I am more than willing to sell you a copy via PayPal, personal check, gold bouillon, top shelf whiskey/scotch, bricks of Afghani golden hash, season tickets to Fenway Park or your entire record collection. I will not be posting my personal contact info here, but if you get in contact with me, then we can surely work this out and punch your ticket to the Honorable Rev. Gabelicious Ferry of Safe Haven for Non-Idiots and Non-Republicans in the New World.

Thanks so much for your support and much love,

Rev. Gabelicious


One thought on “Catching Up with the Rev.!”

  1. Good luck on world domination. I look forward to reading your book. I will try to help you make a few more contacts in the arts world Gabe. You’re a cool cat!!!

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