Or: Kangding Ray: Poetry

In a short time, Kangding Ray will be releasing a new album. Something that already sounds like a paradigm shift. The following is a poetic response to the first single.


{Kangding Ray}


at this moment

in the space-time continuum

just inside the acute angles

of the vectOr between

Organic tissue and the

long-gestating animation

of machine; hybridity

an intersection of every disease

plague, and

wrath set upon ourselves

we have the opportunity

to truly prove the Beagle’s naturalist

mOre correct, mOre potent

than ever

as we attempt to map

the burgeoning highways

and expanses of our unknown

the possibility:

to make one grand evolutionary leap

is always at a painstaking proximity

the expression of that mutation

could be the dawn of an epoch

Or the waking of the nightmare’s beast,


I feel, nowhere inbetween.


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