Opus 55

{O’Halloran Opus 55}



I think I could love you

even though

we’ve never met in person

to watch how dreams unrealized, faded

crush you, like a dying star

folding in under its own mass and gravity

and how I would cup that

in my godless hands, trying to coax

it back to life; light

gazing at your halo

as clouds pass over your head

some kind of cardiac time lapse

of whispered kisses and caresses with intent

oh, fallen angels, can you save me

with your elegiac arias

make melodies that I can ride

like some cosmic wave

the rush of seeing you

the beating hooves of your

diastolic rhythms

could I press my hand to your breast

and feel your path to the future

where we still remain together?

even in my infirmities, would you

champion a chariot to deliver me

to the summit of Mount Olympus?

the same way I would always

reach down and pull you

from the trenches of Hell…

it is no longer good enough

to satisfy lust and desire

I want the spark of the gods’ delight

in my heart

that moment when creation is

validated by love and reason…


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