Jisei #1 (Choka)

Jisei #1

{for Odawni}


as light and dark

collide, like the spectrum

convulsing in one last orgasm,

my fingers;

yes, the fingers that used to:

pulse atop piano keys

wishing them into the nape

of a lover’s neck, or

slide along cello strings

the way I’d caress her spine

my fingers…

turn to tentacles, then talons

paws with retractable claws

and finally, roots

of a great tree

standing strong against the wind

caused by the speed of

metamorphosis, until

I am just a spirit riding the

invisible strings of your theory

through every life ever lived;

ever to-be-lived

and then, I’m alone with

the only god I’d ever known:

the everything, the all-ness and nothingness


the once terminal pain of yearning

for love vanished…


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