toneless fruit

toneless fruit


vanished is the camaraderie

between relative strangers after war time

a ghost of ease, that has become

invisible to all eyes,

save the maniacal poets

what is left is the fastidious, unending work

of insects; the mind of the horde

dethroning the importance of the individual

steaming over the reflection

of what it was:

to find a lover, turned out of the shadows,

naked, for the first time

the furthest depths of intimacy

when you allow another to see

all of you, outside and in, at once

like some nebula revealed across galaxies

to an eye as bare as the body

but these images, imaginings are

but the last vestiges of a once dominant species’

most precious gifts; withered in disuse

and neglect, just as hearts dry into

rhythmless, toneless fruit only the starving would

employ as nourishment.



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