River {Desplat}


{Alexandre Desplat}


As I watched each droplet

plummet to its death; the disappearance

of its individuality

on the asphalt

I began to see the pattern

of your fingers

on the keys, striking out notes

individuals joining the stream

a grand cosmic statement

of the whole, as a sum of its parts

and yet, greater.

shouting of purpose

to ears unmoved

the pattering splatter

of rainfall, dancing

in intimation of a symphony

the way Sagan would see

stars mapping notes on the staff.

and then, the slowly rising,

guttural washes of cellos

paint the tidal structure

of the river’s flow

the way a painter’s brush

moves mere color into form

as with the unconventional cycle

of Pollack’s so-called chaos


the river is a complete inclusion…


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