Sonic Boom The Beneficient


Good ol’ Sonic Boom in Ballard treated me right again today. I love finding pieces of the collection’s ever-increasing, ever-morphing puzzle. I went in looking for Charles Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus. Honestly, I slim hopes, because this everlasting work of love is inexplicably out of print again and people either charge an arm and an asshole for it or don’t have it. Well, of course I didn’t find my Mingus crown jewel, but I did find some other important pieces to the collection cosmos. DJ Vadim’s first album U.S.S.R. Repertoire (The Theory of Verticality), Mike Ladd’s Welcome to the Afterfuture, wish I could find it’s predecessor, Metabolics Volume II: Dawn of the Dead by Mr. Dead (Metabolics), and Sickness & Health by 400 Blows (the only new piece of wax purchased this trip. The Metabolics album before, called M-Virus, was found for me by an employee who I used to work with at Cellophane Square just a while ago. So, the Metabolics stuff is some of that old wacky WordSound stuff to some degree affiliated with Prince Paul and I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s funny, it’s real, it’s HorrorCore, it’s something I wish I’d have done, because of its diversity of effect and style.

Now, if I only I could find Ladd’s Easy Listening For Armageddon.


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