Notes On 21st Century Malaise

Born Sociopath

{Notes for 21st Century Malaise 042212}

{Olan Mill:Amber Balanced}


the entropic order for mining the souls of all humanity:

.people used to have ideas. they used to talk about ideas. set ideas in motion. let them fly and fail. learn from the presuppositions like life’s electroshock therapy.

         .make ideas reprehensible in the holy light of possession(s).

.people move from having ideas, sharing them, to amassing possessions. all supposed wealth; opulence. growth in material arrived at a dwindling of the spiritual. the flashy is getting the upperhand on the logical.

         .style over substance.

         .create the possession as mandatory medium. the medium for connectivity. ego encephalitis.

.connectivity becomes the goal. through the medium, stay connected, always ‘informed’. now, ignorance of the banal is sin cardinal. the social circle is now a ball of yarn infinitely twisted by a Schrodinger’s Cat that nobody understands.

         .make them forget that there is no technological neologism for “face to face”.

         .connectivity is purely insular.

.the analog of our old self is the born sociopath. a face to no face. the destructive negative energy of even one hundred constantly broadcasting hate holes would be enough to crush the planet.

         .make them all imagine they are Grand Inquisitors, when they truly lack anything that once made a person; empath. compassionate being: no longer fashionable.


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