Went to the record store today. Picked up the new Peaking Lights, Lucifer. I thirsted for the new Lorn, Ask The Dust, which is a blistering album that is exposing itself layer by layer to be a brilliant work in a field of music that needs more truly brilliant work. Saw this Codeine album, a time warp of an album and artwork that made me 21 years old again. I’m not gonna lie, I barely remember how this record sounds, but I remember it being more than worthwhile of a snazzy re-issue (on Numero, nonetheless). So, yeah, I bought a record I haven’t listened to in 16 years, but I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Lastly, the lovely folks at Sonic Boom (thanks Ashley for the turn-on!) were playing this mind-and-guitar shredding album by Ty Segall Band called Slaughterhouse. Um, holy fuck yeah Batman, I bought that shit. Think if you had a gangbang between Psych-Surf, Punk Rock and Acid Space Jams, there ye go. A good second-day-of-summer haul, don’t you think?


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