It’s Nice When…

…you finish some chores around the house and slip right into an impromptu mix on your 1’s & 2’s. I feel this mix had a common thread through most of it and maybe a questionable segue, but overall, what matters most is I played music I really love in similar veins, it worked pretty well. I often catch myself thinking of mixes in terms of how a manager of a baseball team might fill out a lineup card. Work to positional and ordered strengths. The middle of this mix, no doubt, had that Murders’ Row feel to it. Oh, and as always kids, this was done with 100% pure wax vinyl records, no Serato, and probably a slim level of professionalism.

Here it is:

::Nine Inch Nails:Something I Can Never Have::Amon Tobin:Lost & Found::Bjork:Joga::Nosaj Thing:Fog::Deru:You Haunt Me::Lorn:Dead Dogs::Kangding Ray:Pruitt Igoe (Rise)::Lusine:Auto Pilot::Ken Camden:Raagini Robot::Murcof:Unison::Company Flow:Friend vs. Friend::Aphex Twin:Blur::


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