pigmented by an adolescent sun

pigmented by an adolescent sun


I take you everywhere with me

I hold you in my ears;

in the little cups at

the beginning of the canal

like the eddied pool

just underneath the waterfall

you’d swirl and cool, bathing there.

and I’d hear you in the infinite:

every small, sighing breath

alone hoping the grey

will drive itself away

each distinct rhythm

you tap out on your skull

foolishly believing they’re

yours alone to hear and meter

that sonar ping in your ears

that drives you mad

under a surface so glassed

dolphins would be scared to

rupture it, even with their grace

those simpering laughs

substitute for ‘I love you’

before you knew how to say it

it was just ‘I fuck you’

and inside, all the sad musings

will tomorrow ever dawn?

how many more beats has my heart?

is peace just a fallacy?

I can still hear your unrest,

my faded idea of love
pigmented by an adolescent sun

your unrest was my longing

the fossil fuel that ran my dream

and I can’t help, but still

carry you there, in my ears

because the heart went out

long before the ears

were laid to rest

in their state of terror


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