Kd.R.B.B. v.2.2

Kd.R.B.B. v.2.2



can you feel that heat

 of anger emanating from me?

I’m the skull seat

   of rage

behaviors of some

  strange Bannerisms

it howls a pitch

 that makes animals’ ears bleed

 cowering in the face

  of some monster

uncontainable, too massless

   for any cage.

I would, for you, loose

 it unleashed like

  an infinite pack

 of snarling, starving wolves,

purposed with the scent of

your flesh in their muzzles.

with bare fist and knuckle

pound you, rocking into

some entranced beat

 until my carpal splinters

 interlock with those of

  your countenance in a calcified velcro.

I would consume you

 like a god sucking starfire

  for sustenance

but with no space of love

   or compassion in my heart

 for you, I’d vanish you

  within the vacuous reaches

  of your own mind

amidst its incapacity,

   to fathom…


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