A Philosophical Musing Today 10.07.12



As a tool making species, we humans have previously molded and shaped our tools to fit our capabilities; tools evolved to better interact with the human form, its limits and its attributes. And it would follow that common view is to see a rise in human intelligence levels (very questionable, but as a tenet of argument’s sake) correlated with the advancement of our tools/technology.

And it would certainly follow that The Internet, so powerful that it has demanded capitalized proper noun status even in its own disregard for case-sensitivity, is widely regarded as a tool of human ingenuity.

Would it not seem that in the case of The Internet, we have finally crafted a tool that has begun to demand of us to conform to it?

We sever ourselves from our capacity to communicate between the flesh of two individual human beings with some sinkhole of a central mind that is concerned only with devouring, at ever-increasing pace, the social news of the day, the hour, the minute, the impatient. We gladly complain about fellow human beings all day long.

This is just one, large and troubling, way I see us as a species molding to the core-mind The Internet offers us to mindlessly throw ourselves into, into the comfort of the herd-mind disguise it dons. Homogeneity is the goal through making everybody special, loud, voiced, heard…infamous.


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