time spent {version b}

time spent (version b)

{Deaf Center}



grey my clouds,

extend my sonorities

like barren autumn branches,

shove me inbetween a rock and an ocean,

taste the sound in my ears

like whispering gods

struggling to escape

a house of mirrors,

vanish me in the blink of a species…

push me through indigent dreams

in a grocery cart

full of empty promises

yoke my mind with the expectancy of love

yet work me until

I am an aged oxen frame.

my proletariat fingers wish

they could play you

the most erudite and loving of concertos.

I’ll record for all of the histories

the time you spent knowing me

and unknowing me, like

an abstract painting.

muffle my echoes, but

broadcast my axioms,

the way you’ll carry me

in some mental urn,

ashen in your grey matter.

and you’ll weep for

my muted progenies,

cut off at the knees

trying to walk an ancestral story,

of love, across a galaxy

for your heart’s atrial anamnesis.


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