ephemera of epiphany

ephemera of epiphany


everything was burning away in the heat

the filling of form, pulled away

fallen into the oasis

you can even suffer an entropy of the heart

when the desert befalls your eyes

emptyreflecting the chaos of stasis

there is only the spit stench of camels

that pasted salt in the corner of your mouth

or fabric turned to interweaved granules

a confused starfield at your feet, that

randomly jumps into

the most intricately mapped form

flying through your face

bewilderment settles, kneeling, at the foot of thirst

and she spills water to you

until the word arid is cast into the sea

like some mysterious brimstone out of time

I awake, from time to time, from the delusion

that is the furnace,

floating in that womb of hope,

drifting throughout the ephemera

of epiphany, lost to the grasp,

but in possession.


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