Tigress Feeding

Tigress Feeding



keep looking at me

with those eyes

like you’re going to kill me,

consume me as sustenance


your seldom tolds are teeth

gleaming even under shadow

your desires the claws

that pin down my flesh

those eyes

steamed, green-hazeled

a junglemisted cat

chop licking and stalking


there is no delight

comparable to

Ethos & Pathos clashing

as when you take

your first bite

even through all the painfire

smiling myself

those twin pools of

hazelgreen spacious

filled with feline prowess

lock on mine, past terror,

to an engulfed, calm devouring.

those twin pools

rendering unto the circle

for sake of its continuance unending.


and I laugh, a baby’s giggle,

in light of the tickle

of that death’s return cycle

I’ve just broken through

(torn apart and reassembled).


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