philosophy of Love

philosophy of Love



forget the wooifying

fuck the poetry of it all

let’s talk the philosophy of Love

someone to witness existence with

to stand backlit by the sun

staring at the filmy apparition of the moon

getting ready to take her turn

someone who understands

I may deafen at the echoes in my head

of self-image, yet knows

it isn’t pure narcissism

someone who recognizes

the mind’s cravenousness for order

in certain strata of life and sees

the potential gentle madman

avoided by meticulousness

someone who has

depth of fault, folly and splendor

sensuality to the world

and to you

the agreement on

boundaries, the thin lines,

the tics that explode an

otherwise calm neural pathway

employment of truths and lies, and all the grey

and where they are relevant

someone who

has the wherewithal

to recognize an outlook,

suffuse with the bonecold,

the conspiratorial, near apocalyptic,

and the covetousness

for beauty to sprout through the bleak,

is not merely depressive and

a weight to a plunging

but a pragmatism

pureed into pessimistic optimism,

a hope to shed the misanthrope

out of the hive mind

there is a laughter

even rapture, but also infliction

and the mundane;

she’s long since

abandoned the fallacy of perfection

as the definers might see it

as a list

it is infinite, but given the right combination

far from impossible, achievement

is not a fantasy.


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